DRONESIX (Pty) Ltd is a company based out of Cape Town, South Africa providing a turn-key service and platform for aerial data acquisition and analytics. DRONESIX  provides a full-service UAV data acquisition and analytics package for multiple applications. DRONESIX was incorporated as a formal response to the rising demand for commercial aerial data acquisition throughout the Southern and East African region.

DRONESIX is a company specialising in using UAVs, or more commonly known as Drones, in multiple fields of operations.  The specialised drones are equipped with various different types of cameras specific to the applications.  The UAVs are deployed and flown over the areas of interest and aerial geo-tagged images are captured by the cameras.  The images are then processed in data analytics programs.  The images are stitched together to form an overall orthomosaic image given the end user a complete 2D and 3D view of the area of interest.  The data analytics program can further provide topographic maps showing the land contours, provide thermal image maps showing, for example heat losses in buildings, electrical shorting in Pylons, water and drainage maps for farming, etc.

For Precision Agriculture the UAVs are fitted with multispectral and thermal imagining cameras and are flown over the crop area taking images which are then processed giving various vegetation indices, plant health, irrigation quality patterns, drainage quality patterns, yield maps, fertilisation data, etc.

There are many applications for the use of UAVs: Oil and Gas, Offshore structures, Civil Construction sites, Power Transmission lines and Pylons, Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Farming, Land Surveying, Security, Disaster Management, Land and Sea Rescue, Bridge Inspections, Tower Inspections, Flare Stack Inspections, Pipeline and Road Infrastructure Inspections, Cell Phone Tower Inspections and many many more.

DRONESIX has a fleet of specialised UAVs for every application and can mobilise to sites at short notice and provide the client requested data at quickly and efficiently

DRONESIX has an excellent management team with a wide range of experience from mapping, survey, inspections and commercial aviation. We pride ourselves on an excellent reputation for providing specialist aerial services. DRONESIX will always provide a safe, cost effective and quality solution to all our clients.