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Aerial Inspection services including Bridge Inspection, Pipline Inspections, Asset & Plant Inspections, Rooftop Inspections, Solar Farms Inspection, Insurance Claims, Damage Assessments, Photogrammetry

Precision Agriculture using Multispectral and Thermal imaging cameras to provide agricultural indices for improved farm management and optimisation of water resources, fertilisation, disease management and land drainage.

Construction Planning, Construction Progress Monitoring, Surveying, Activity Heat Map, Plan Overlay, Photogrammetry, Orthomosaic 2D and 3D maps, GIS maps, Volumetric Stockpile Measuring, Aerial View Study, Panoramic Photos from the air.

Overland Pipeline Inspections, Road Infrastructure Surveys, Industrial Roof Inspections, Industrlal Building Heat Loss Mapping, GIS Mapping, Topographic Mapping, Land Surveying.

Pit Wall Mapping, Volumetric Measurement, Open Cast Progress Monitoring, Stockpile Monitoring, HSE Monitoring, Topographic Mapping, Orthomosaic 2D and 3D Mapping, Insurance Claims, Damage Assessment.

Incident Reconstrution Aerial Mapping, Surveillance, Disaster Management, Evidence Gathering, Forensics Gathering, Security.

Windfarm Inspections

Windblade Inspection

Precision Agriculture using drone

Precision Agriculture

Construction Site aerial suvey

Construction Site

Pipeline and road infrastructure survey

Pipeline Inspection

Mining management using drones

Mining Pit Mapping

disaster management using drones

Flood Damage