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Aerial Data Capture using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Welcome to DRONESIX aerial data capture

DRONESIX (Pty) Ltd is a company based in Cape Town (South Africa) with branches in Durban (South Africa), Mombasa (Kenya) and Nairobi (Kenya) providing a turn-key service and platform for aerial data acquisition and analytics. DRONESIX  provides a full-service UAV data acquisition and analytics package for multiple applications. DRONESIX was incorporated as a formal response to the rising demand for commercial aerial data acquisition throughout the Southern and East African region.

DRONESIX has an excellent management team with a wide range of experience from mapping, survey, inspections and commercial aviation. We pride ourselves on an excellent reputation for providing specialist aerial services. DRONESIX will always provide a safe, cost effective and quality solution to all our clients.

Thermal imaging Pylon and corona inspection using drones Pipeline inspections


DRONESIX Pilots are RPL qualified and Certified

DRONESIX has to date had no accidents or incidents at any operational location.


We are passionate about quality and the environment. Protecting the environment and enhancing the lives of those within it are core values of DRONESIX. We are conscious that every aspect of a project, from head office to site operations and the actions of its people, has a limited effect on the environment that we operate within.